Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Tie Rack Scarves!

Tie Rack scarves for sale! Just arrived from the UK last week! I'm selling them at RM55 per piece as an Opening Promotion! All scarves are 100% Original Tie Rack direct from the UK and all Made in Italy (as shown on the label).
Labels from the store still intact! All scarves are made of 100% polyester.
All scarves are 90cm x 90cm in size.
1 Piece ONLY for each Design!!! (unless stated otherwise)
But if you are really interested in the design that has been sold or reserved, I can try to bring it in! So e-mail me if you're interested!!

(Tags are all the same on each scarf)

So come and grab them fast!

TR001 - SOLD to LILI
Burberry pattern on pink. Satin-like material
(Pink, Black with a little bit of Gold)

Irregular sized stripes in the middle with roses around the border
Satin-like material.
(Shades of Blue with White)

TR003 - SOLD to NANA
Lines and Circle pattern. Satin-like material.
(shades of Red with White)

TR004 - SOLD to FIZA
Very sweet Flower pattern. Satin-like material.
(Dark Purple, Purple and Light Pink)

(2 Pieces available)
Classic Floral design with Dark Blue border. Sweet colour tone.
Satin-like and Chiffon-like material.
(Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green)

Classic Flower pattern identical to TR005. Rich colours goes well with formal wear.
Satin-like material with Red Border.
(Red, Black with Light Green)

TR007 - SOLD to SITI
Very sweet Tulip-Daisy Flower pattern. Chiffon-like material.
(Purple, Yellow, Green on White)

TR008 - SOLD to MAI
Classic and intricate Flowery design. Satin-like material.
(Dark and Light Orange, Dark Green with Shades of Brown)

TR009 - SOLD to TOLS
The exact design as TR008 but in a sweeter shade with Dark Grey border.
Satin-like material. (Light Purple, Aquamarine with shades of Grey and Brown)

TR010 - SOLD to YATI
Beautiful Batik-like design with Aquamarine Border.
Satin-like material. (Shades of Blue and Aquamarine)

TR011 - SOLD to YATI
Irregular sized striped design in the middle with a beautiful pattern around the border. Satin-like material. (Shades of Aquamarine and Brown)